Sex work


Women* who earn their living as sex workers are particularly in need of advice on HIV and STI prevention. Due to their specific work conditions in the different areas of sex work, they have a heightened risk to become infected with sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Most of these women come from abroad to work in Germany. They often have no health insurance which makes it difficult for them to access the health care system and related services.

This is why we are committed to supporting for women* sex workers in taking care of their sexual health and to offering easily accessible options for them to be tested on site for sexually transmitted infections.

In cooperation with professionals from the Freiburg health authority Gesundheitsamtes Freiburg and the specialist counselling centre P.I.N.K. we regularly visit the Freiburg sex-work environment. We pay visits to flats rented by sex workers and provide the women* who work there with information on sexual health and on the possibilities for anonymous and free on-site self-testing for chlamydia and gonorrhoea. If they test positive, we inform the women* by mobile phone. In addition, Checkpoint offers in-person counselling to provide further treatment anonymous and free of charge basis.


We have moved! 

The Checkpoint can be found since 09.01.23 at Oltmannsstraße 3, 79100 Freiburg im 1. Obergeschoss zu finden. Wir sind Untermieter bei “MVZ Clotten – Oltmannsstraße, Fachabteilung Infektionsmedizin”