Sex work

People* who work in sex work have a particular need for counselling with regard to HIV and STI prevention. Due to their specific working conditions in the various areas of sex work, they have an increased risk of becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Most sex workers come to Germany from different countries to work. They often do not have health insurance here and therefore have more difficult access to the healthcare system and their care. Translated with (free version)

It is therefore important to us to offer a low-threshold outreach testing programme for sexually transmitted infections for people* in sex work on site and to support them in taking care of their sexual health.

In cooperation with professionals from the Freiburg health authority Gesundheitsamtes Freiburg and the specialist counselling centre P.I.N.K. regularly carries out outreach work in the Freiburg neighbourhood. During visits to the flats, sex workers receive information about sexual health and the offer of on-site counselling. anonymous and free for chlamydia and gonorrhoea. If the result is positive, the sex worker is informed via mobile phone. In a personal counselling session at the checkpoint, further advice can then be given. anonymous and free of charge basis.

We also have an open and accepting attitude towards people involved in sex work at our checkpoint. As a registered address with the Projekt Roter Stöckelschuh we signal that our work is free of discrimination and stigmatisation and that we recognise and support the project's mission statement.