“PrEP“ stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis, i.e. health screening prior to risk exposure. In addition to using condoms and seeking protection through treatment, PrEP is the third option to guard against HIV. This method is suitable for HIV-negative people and consists in protecting against infection by taking HIV drugs daily or whenever you engage in sexual contact.

Since September 1, 2019, statutory health insurance has been covering PrEP and all related medical examinations. We also offer these services at our centre.

Checkpoint offers both the PrEP check and prescription also for self-pay clients. Since October 2017, PrEP has been available at € 40 for 28 tablets from partner pharmacies in selected cities.

The safety of PrEP has been scientifically proven and it is just as safe as using condoms. But it will not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases and may also have side effects. This is why it is so important to do a medical check-up and to get tested on a regular basis. The PrEP check is of particular importance for the safety of the PrEP medicine intake.

These check-ups are done every three months. They start with HIV testing followed by further tests performed while you take the medication. This is important because we have to make sure that there is no latent HIV infection. Otherwise, you may become resistant later and the HIV medication would then no longer be effective. We also check the kidney values, because PrEP might interfere with the kidney function. In addition, the check-up includes testing for hepatitis B because this infection might get worse as soon as you discontinue using PrEP medication. Finally, the PrEP check includes a test for sexually transmitted infections. As explained above, only condoms can protect you against these.

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